"Spirit of Harvest" Expo

October 19, 2019

Vendors for the "Spirit of Harvest" Expo

Justine Marple - Prosperity Creations Handmade jewelry, soaps, greeting cards and gift bags

Justine began to pursue her passion for art in 1994 after a career at AT&T. Through her business Prosperity Creations, she makes and sells custom designed jewelry, soaps, and gifts.  This year she created journals to complement her journalling class featured each year. Justine showcases her many creative talents in the Retail Space for those interested in purchasing her one of a kind creations.     email


Karen Rollins - Intuitive Readings, Vintage China Pieces, Aromatherapy, Fall/Winter Essential Oil Spritzers, Holiday Gifts - Information on a variety of local events, along with Sand Sea and Spirit. 

Nationally recognized, Karen has presented at numerous events, expos, and featured on various radio shows for more than 20 years. She has been a psychic/intuitive all her life. Her abilities have assisted thousands; providing insights and options by their higher/greater self, angels and spirit guides, and those who have passed. Her ability to sense energy and auras enhances her medical intuitive sessions. Trained in a range of healing modalities enhances her ability to look at wellness from a physical and nonphysical perspective.                                                             


John Addison - AVS Video Productions, LLC - DVD presentations on hundreds of topics from Local, National and International Speakers since 2007. Metaphysical/Spiritual/Self-Help topics that are timeless in content. Ask about recording opportunities for Practitioners in these categories. Professional video producer for over 35 years. Producer of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom series, an international DVD series, since 2007.


Penni AlZayerThe Henna Faerie - Henna and Jagua Body Art, Frame Drums and small leather pouches both henna decorated and plain.

Penni AlZayer, The Henna Faerie, began a journey that has greatly enriched and changed ‎the course of her life - first in Fes, Morocco, then during 15 years living in Riyadh, Saudi ‎Arabia. When she isn't plying her trade at festivals and ‎events, or teaching at conferences she directs a variety of performance art projects. The Henna Faerie also welcomes ‎private clients to a sweet little vardo/studio adjacent to the whimsical woodland home she ‎shares with her husband in Ohio's scenic Hocking Hills, just minutes from the region’s ‎caves, waterfalls and hiking trails which are a constant source of inspiration.‎


Joan Canterbury -  Joan's Elevations - Member of Energy Balancing Therapies - Joan offers Reiki Energy Healing, Rune Stone Readings, and watercolor prints. email


Heidi S. Cole  Follow your Inner Compass  - I will be offering Soul Profile Readings, Office/Residential/Car Clearings utilizing various methods (Feng Shui, Dowsing, Sacred Geometry). I will also offer remote clearings too. 

I have studied the Soul and various aspects pertaining to how to embody your Higher Self. I have certifications in Soul Realignment, Feng Shui, and I have a Bachelor's Degree in Math.    email


Susie and Otto Collins -  Susie and Otto Collins - Books titled  "Preaching to Monkeys", "No More Jealousy," "Should You Stay or Should You Go?"
Coaching services. 

Susie and Otto Collins are Certified Transformative Coaches who teach a 4-step focus on Love framework for moving past stress, challenges, conflict and misunderstandings and into a life with love and possibilities.

Over the years they’ve created “Magic Relationship Words,” “No More Jealousy,” “Relationship Trust Turnaround,” “Communication Magic” and many other books and programs that help people have stress-free relationships that are filled with love. Learn more about them at


Crystalla - Offers didge healing/clearing, heartsongs, art prints and CDs.


Tina Henney - Animal Communication and Connection -  Animal communication to build the bond and connection between people and their animals but domestic and wild.

Tina has been assisting people in building the communication and relationship between people and their animals for over 15 years. She works with all animals domestic and wild. Please bring a picture and experience this unique gift.     email


Mark "Thunderbird" Henry - Sacred Path/Animal Medicine Life Path Readings 20 min $25. Rattles /Rattle kits. Tai Chi /Tai Chi class information. Medium/Psychic/Empath, Mason Bee Homes.   Urban Shaman, Drumming/ Native American Social Songs. Mark is also a Certified Tai Chi Instructor, teaching "Tai Chi for Health" at various places in Central Ohio and surrounding area.              


David Hunter - Reflexology -  email


Barbara Johnson and Ann Knecht -  Hidden Willows Farm - Goat Milk Soap (various scents), Goat Milk Lotion,  and Gift Baskets of Soaps

Hidden Willows is a small hobby farm located just outside of Lithopolis, Ohio. We raise purebred Nubian dairy goats. Our journey with Nubians began as a means to provide our family with healthy dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese and kefir. Soon thereafter, we began crafting our own goat milk soap.


Peace McElwee Kristal Meadows Magickal HerbsAntique bottles, buckeye necklaces, crystals & stones, dream catchers, dream pillows, dried herbs, fairy houses, fairy furnishings, gently used alter pieces, leather medicine bags, painted brooms, potpourri, rattles, smudge kits, smudge supplies, goat milk soap, thunderstorm water, wreaths & swags made from natural materials.

Peace has been an active student and practitioner of metaphysics all of her life. She is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified
Hypnotherapist. She is a “Shamina” or female Shaman, an herbalist, psychic and spiritual counselor. Peace leads a 13-month Earth Wisdom Apprentice Program to teach others to be keepers of our planet. Her craftwork is an extension of her desire to spread awareness and respect for our planet.    email


Susan McFarland - Dragonfly Designs  and Rock Falls Massage- Massage, Reiki, Jewelry of all kinds, Small Bags, Incense, Suncatchers. We will be selling assort product produced by Doe Hart.

Suzy McFarland has been a Reiki Master for 20 years and has taught all over Central Ohio. Being a Creative Soul, Suzy has been doing bead work and has been walking the Metaphysical Path for many years. 


Amie Michelle - Artwork and Candles

Amie creates original artwork using a variety of media and styles, but prefers to work with reclaimed, repurposed, and recyclable materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. She creates original pieces as well as custom pieces. In addition, she makes candles to match many of the scents that Justine uses for her soaps and lotions.


Catharine Nimon - Catharine's Creations - Angel Readings, books, and greeting cards. Catharine is an  artist, reader and creator, who is passionate about creating, through art, readings, nature, illustrating and authoring books. Teacher and consultant on dreams and mediumship. - email


Rachel Ostrowski, LMT - Dragonfly Designs  and Rock Falls Massage-  Massage, Reiki, Jewelry of all kinds, Small Bags, Incense, Suncatchers. We will be selling assort product produced by Doe Hart.

Rachael Ostrowski, LMT is well versed in many massage techniques, from Theraputic to Swedish, Oncology, TMJ, Hot Stone, and PreNatal, She also excels in Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and MyoFacial Release. 


Robin Poling - Greeting Cards and Gift Bags - I love taking pictures of flowers in my gardens. After several suggestions to share my photos, I decided to make greeting cards with them.


June Queen - Junes's Paparazzi Jewelry Boutique - Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories. Necklace sets (includes matching earrings),earrings, rings, bracelets, and more. Kids jewelry, too.  Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories. Items are only $5.00; Kids jewelry only $1.00! Quality items at affordable prices. Jewelry is lead and nickel free. Weekly Facebook LIVE shows and feature items via my Facebook page: June's Paparazzi Jewelry Boutique. Shop 24/7 via my website:  Contact me to host a Live show, in-home show, or basket party: email



 Kay Schultz - Kay's Sweet Treats - Assorted Sweets. Kay loves making sweet treats for people who don't have time. 


Paul Vineyard - Sound Practices- Vibrational Wellness - Vibrational Sound Healing tools (using tuning forks, singing bowls, pendulums, various techniques)  Vibrational Wellness is the practice of knowing yourself as an energetic being, actively harnessing your energy, and understanding how this energy affects you in every aspect of life.


Donna Voldness - Crystals