"Spirit of Harvest" Expo

October 24, 2020

Contact Information

Justine Marple and Karen Rollins have always loved opportunities to gather community. Their first "Spirit of Spring" Expo was a huge success. The "Spirit" Expos will continue to be held in the Spring and Fall.

Justine also hosts "Prosperity Creations Open House" in the Summer and at Winter Holiday Season.

Karen facilitates "Sand Sea and Spirit" Conference Retreat each year in September and Cosmic Cords workshops.


For many years they both participated in a number of expos throughout the United States. Realizing they wanted to create an expo, but with an intimate feel, "Spirit of Spring" and "Spirit of Harvest" Expos were conceived.

"We are grateful and excited to share this event with you."

For additional information:

Karen Rollins   337-794-0062

Justine Marple  614-537-2842